Toyota Yaris

5 door Hatchback
Manual or automatic
1.0 or 1.5
69 and 111 HP
5.6 - 6.3 l/100km
Power steering
Remote central locking
Power windows
USB/MP3/CD/AUX player
Front airbags

Toyota Yaris is a car manufactured by a Japanese company. It can be called one of the best vehicles for traveling around the city. Its main features include maneuverability, high security and reliability. If you are interested in this service, rental Toyota Yarys, please contact us! We have vast experience in this field. «Sun Service Van and Car Rentals» has skilled staff. They take into account wishes of clients and provide quality service!

Toyota Yaris is a compact Japanese car

Toyota Yaris car with manual or automatic transmission with gasoline engine. It is named after the goddess of fun. Therefore, it's a pleasure to drive it! Take advantage of our services and make sure that these words are true! You will enjoy the fact that the Japanese manufacturer has devised all the details and paid special attention to the appearance of the vehicle!

What are the benefits of renting Toyota Yaris?

This is a modern car, which was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1998. The vehicle immediately became popular. They were interested in the connoisseurs of practicality and unusuality. You can rent a Toyota Yaris on our site. We have been providing such services for several years. Our peculiarities include responsibility, speed of customer service and a wide range of services. We have an advantageous tariff system. Therefore, the customers of the San Service company save money!

Renting a Toyota Yaris is a great option if you need a car to meet relatives or business partners. Using this service, you will understand what the advantages of a Japanese car are. These are the following:

  • - Original appearance - stylish features and unique lines that attract attention. Therefore, the rental of Toyota Yaris is of interest to both men and women;
  • - Low fuel consumption - gasoline consumption varies from 5.6 to 6.3 liters per 100 km. This is important if you plan a long trip;
  • - Ease of management - every trip becomes a journey full of positive energy and dynamism;
  • - High level of safety - it's about driver and passenger safety;
  • - Air conditioning system - during the hot season you can travel and get pleasure from it. Toyota Yaris is equipped with a powerful air-conditioner, so it's cool in the cabin. You do not even want to go outside;
  • - Comfort in the car - during the trip the driver and passengers are satisfied. The interior of the car is designed in accordance with current trends. To do this, use quality materials and interesting ideas;
  • - Spacious boot - if you travel with the whole family, you can bring a lot of suitcases with clothes and other things. There is enough space in the boot to accommodate everything that is needed.

Rent Toyota Yaris in Sun Service!

Contact us and rent a car of Japanese origin, which is in perfect condition! The cost of this service is from 17 euros per day. Renting a Toyota Yaris in «Sun Service Van and Car Rentals» is the best solution you will not regret for a minute! The advantages of the car include safety, low gasoline costs, maximum comfort when traveling around the city or along the route. You will love the excellent driving qualities of the car, its handling and rapid acceleration up to 100 km per hour.

For all questions, please contact us. Rent a Toyota Yaris and make sure of our professionalism. If necessary, we will drive the car in a convenient place and provide our driver!