Honda Fit

5 door Hatchback
Manual or automatic
130 HP
7.2 - 7.8 l/100km
Power steering
Remote central locking
Power windows
USB/MP3/CD/AUX player
Front airbags

Honda Fit is a Japanese car that first appeared on sale in 2001. It is manufactured by a well-known company, which has vast experience in its field of activity. The key benefits of such a vehicle include compactness, agility and fuel economy. This is the main reason why Honda Fiat is a demand-driven service. We are attracted by customers who prefer modern technologies and reliable solutions. We provide for temporary use cars that are in excellent technical condition!

Honda Fit - a new generation of quality

Honda Fit with manual or automatic transmission with gasoline engine. This is one of the best vehicles in the world. It combines innovation, safety and productivity. The Japanese manufacturer devised every detail. Therefore, a car was created, perfect in everything. This means the sensitivity of the steering, maneuverability on the streets of the metropolis and the power of the rural roads!

Rent Honda Fit: What are the features of such a service?

Rental Honda Fit - a service that is constantly used by clients of Ā«Sun Service Van and Car RentalsĀ». They use cars for their own purposes. For example, a trip to another city, sightseeing, meeting relatives at the railway station. The Japanese car is ideal for trips around the city and for a trip to the country. It is a compact car equipped with a reliable engine that consumes 7.2 - 7.8 liters of gasoline per 100 km. The automatic transmission is another advantage, which makes it easy to control the car in any mode.

Renting a Honda Fit is a great solution if you have a scheduled city trip or business trip. When your vehicle is in repair, you can also use our services and solve your problems. Having preferred this car, you will not be wrong! Such service means the important advantages for drivers and passengers:

  • - High technology - the car is created based on current trends. Therefore, the Honda Fit meets strict driver requirements;
  • - Maneuverability - this indicator refers to the ability to travel in conditions of limited space;
  • - Dynamics - an indicator that is appreciated by car enthusiasts. The Honda Fit gives you a sense of confidence in any road conditions;
  • - Sensitivity of the steering control - stability is ensured in a straightforward motion and during maneuvering in the city stream of cars;
  • - Design in the corporate style inherent in all Japanese cars - Honda Fit differs unusual appearance. This is an embodiment of interesting design ideas;
  • - Safety - The car boasts a high level of safety. This is confirmed by the results of crash tests. This means the safety of the driver, passengers and pedestrians. Child safety is also guaranteed in the baby's armchair.

Rent a Honda Fit in our company - the best solution!

Contact "Sun Service" and select Honda Fit! This is a great vehicle that has high technical characteristics. It can be rented for a gala event, to meet a wife with a child from the maternity hospital, for a tour of the city.

Rent Honda Fit - an affordable service, which starts at 17 euros per day. We provide for temporary use reliable Japanese cars that have won the trust of drivers. Their main advantages include the capacity of the cabin, excellent design and low fuel consumption!