Ford Fiesta

5 door Hatchback
Manual or automatic
1.1 or 1.0 EcoBoost
85, 100 HP
6.5 - 7.1  l/100km
Power steering
Remote central locking
Power windows
USB/MP3/CD/AUX player
Front airbags

Ford Fiesta is a modern car that has been producing by American company for many years. It features an elegant and elaborate design, comfort and reliability. If you want to rent Ford Fiesta call us! We provide for temporary use cars in perfect technical condition. After working with us you will have a pleasant impression. You will enjoy the way we treat our customers and provide services of such quality!

A quick overview of Ford Fiesta car

We provide rental cars that meet stringent customer requirements. Ford Fiesta is a great vehicle that is suitable for traveling around the city. This car with a gasoline engine and manual or automatic transmission. It is compact in size. Therefore, drivers easily find places in parking lots and do not spend much time there. As far as fuel consumption is concerned, the American manufacturer also took care of this. Fuel consumption, on average, is 6.5 - 7.1 liters per 100 km. This is a great indicator of saving money!

What are the benefits of renting a Ford Fiesta?

The advantages are significant. You will be convinced yourself by reading them in more detail:

  • - A well-designed steering system - a key advantage through which American-made cars are popular. The steering system is adapted to road conditions. For example, when a car going at high speed, automatically provided a rigid steering;
  • - Good impression of driving - rent Ford Fiesta is popular services. Customers often use it, because during the trip a high level of comfort is provided. This refers to the air conditioning, spacious interior, navigation. The car is equipped with a multimedia system, with which you can listen to music and stay in touch with relatives and friends;
  • - Reliability and security - aspects that have been given a lot of attention. The vehicle is equipped with airbags that instantaneously work when faced with an obstacle. The body of the car is made of steel. This is a material that is characterized by increased strength characteristics. Safety belts are used to reduce the risk of injury.

Rent a Ford Fiesta - a great option if you need a car for a city tour or meeting with business partners. The cost of this service - from 17 euros per day. Having chosen a car of the leading American manufacturer, you will be pleased with everything. You will enjoy the ergonomic features and specifications of the vehicle. You will also enjoy the fact that the vehicle provides a large luggage compartment. It fits several suitcases. The space in the trunk increases when the rear seats are folded.

Rent Ford Fiesta with "Sun Service Van and Car Rentals!"

Contact us and apply for a Ford Fiesta rental. We will respond promptly to the request and answer the questions you are interested in. At our disposal there are modern vehicles, which are in perfect condition. Call our office and tell us what trip you have planned and for what period. We will calculate the cost of the service and make you an advantageous offer!

Rent Ford Fiesta - a good solution for men and women. When you have a reliable vehicle for temporary use, you will feel all its benefits. Such as high noise isolation properties, increased comfort and stunning design!